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last post here =/ [15 Nov 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]


i've qot a new journal!! & guess what? its friends only =)



close your eyes & qo to SLEEP!! [14 Nov 2004|01:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

just qot a call from russel up in qainsville. lmao what a funny as fuck conversation.

damn im tired but i dont wanna qo to sleep =/ today was a "family" day. what fun [ NOT! ]. we hunq around the house & then went out to dinner.

i have just had an array of funny ass conversations tonight. one with ricardo who says that he needs to see me haha. i felt important for a second there! another one with my cousin bekuz all she could say is that she needed a boyfriend & all i did was roll my eyes & qo "uh huh" lmao that was funny. then russel. damn, if he ever qets stoned like that aqain, he better call me. that mother fucker was tellinq me shit that i really dont wanna kno & he said that when he closed his eyes, he cudn`t remember what he saw when he had his eyes open. haha it was funny.

im outies. bed time =)

p.s.-i miqht qo to the car show tomorrow [ today lol ]. if anyone wants to come, call my cell =)


james fiesta :] [13 Nov 2004|09:43am]
[ mood | tired ]

fotos :]Collapse )

so the party was soooo much fun :] i qot there like at 8ish..we partied till about 11 [ thats when it died lol ]. i qot my eaqle on with luiqi lol, we did like 8235762578962143 conqa lines, we did the choo choo train thinq lol, james qot a lap dance lmao by arielle [ the stripper @ heart! ], liz & lydi! so funny :], chelsea qot down on the dance floor with tamie, andres & natasha were doinq there thanq! lol, toto was qoin crazy! [ gasolina! gasolina! ] overall was a qood niqht :]

then i qot home & chelsea, andres, & natasha qot picked up at about 11:35pm..then i ate! i was so fuckinq hunqry! lol, then tlked to lydi until about 1 am :] [ i love u sooooo much!!!! ]

im hunqry! lol

new icon :] i kno, it sucks, but with my abilities to make icons, its pretty qood lol :]

this is for YOU [ lydi, i thouqht this was perfect! read this ]Collapse )


[10 Nov 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

due to the comments in my last post, i have a couple of things to say...
1. thank u so much to everyone who commented..u always make me smile =)
2.its not just about him. like i told tamie, if it was JUST about him, i wudnt be doing this to myself. im not that CrAzY over him. hell no!
3. thank u to two very special people who helped me [one yesterday, one today] or atleast tried to talk some sense into me!

still kinda broken,

........Collapse )


bored & tired [06 Nov 2004|07:06pm]
out of pure boredomCollapse )

vote vote vote! [02 Nov 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

its weird thinkinq that tomorrow we are qoinq to wake up & have a new president! lol =)

today was ok. dont feel like tlkinq about it too much tho. no events made it great. just dumb classes, dumb teachers & the usual laugh with friends.

im tired. i completely hate this time chanqe bekuz its already dark at around 5:3o =/

im outies <333

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i find it kinda funny how these thinqs can sometimes be right...

[01 Nov 2004|08:24pm]
what a fuckinq qood weekend =)

ok so friday, didnt do much. chilled at home. then around 9:3o, my parents what to qo to Best Buy, so we qo & then eat at Friday's..qot home like at 1 am =)

saturday was better! me & russel went to qo see "Team America" omq..that is the stupidest movies i have ever seen in my whole entire fuckinq life! it was funny but it was stupid at the same time..damn, i cant believe i actually went to qo & see that! then just chilled around lincoln for a while..i qot home like at 11:3opm..(early as hell!!)

sunday was halloween =) i was supposed to qo to some old lady's party..but i ended up qoinq to andres' house to qo & see a movie =) i discovered alot that night (some of you kno what im tlkinq about) & yea, i qot upset..i mean who wudnt?! but its ok, bekuz one day that little mother fucker is qunna reqret everythinq..so we saw "the shininq" omq..that movie was supposed to be scary but i was crackinq up the whole time..

lady in the movie: i think im confused
jew: yea, you think you're a lesbian!

me: i can hear you guys kissinq in my ear
*andres grabs natasha & pulls her back on the bed! you hear i biq thump & i turn my head*
me: damn, thats some aqqressive kissinq!

good times, good times...

and today was prolly the highlight of it all..considerinq everythinq that happened yesterday (sunday), i iqnored him all day =) but it was so worth it bekuz he thouqht that i shudnt be mad at him?! i dont kno what qoes thru his head sometimes!!

outies <33

then you qotta..BREATHE! [29 Oct 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

damn, i feel like im sick again!! w/e so today was a.o.k? in 1st period, she actually taught. damn, that was a chanqe! lol. in homeport, we qot candy! =) 2nd period lasted FOREVER! we took a quiz (which i prolly failed!) & then he tlked & tlked & tlked..i sware he was qettinq like sutton! ahh..not again! lol..then lunch was borinq..i was doinq this history outline that took forever! & i still didnt finish it in lunch! then 4th period was ok, we went outside & did some compass activity that i really didnt care for! in 6th period, she collected the outline (that i did finally finish lol) & then she presented a power point that took FOREVER! ooh, then she handed out candy =) omg, if i see more candy, i sware im gunna barf! then after skool, i took my sister to swimminq practice..blah blah..so now im home & im not qoinq out toniqht, but i prolly will be tomorrow to the movies (i wanna see the grudge!) =) then sunday, im qoinq to a halloween fiesta! lol =)

i qot quoted for the YEARBOOK today =) ahh! sooo kool lol & i qot my picture taken too!! woo hoo!! lol

people take this halloween thinq too seriously at skool. people were dressed up in these costumes that had so much detail & everythinq had to be perfect..damn man, give it a rest! we are 16 & 17 years old! not 6 & 7! i mean, its kool that you kinda qet dressed up, but everybody put so much detail & work in to it..i was like damn man, do u have a life?! lol

im outies <333

Happy Halloween =)


another day.. [26 Oct 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | cold ]

today was reqular..kinda? in 1st period, she was actually there on time! lol so she qave us MORE questions to do. wow, what a matter of busy work lol! [more A's for me =)]. durinq homeport, we had a captain's call. seriously, if ms. whitby is going to waste her time tlkinq, save it for people who actually CARE! or its more time for the fuckinq officers to tlk! ok so since when or maqnus & jessica l. officers?! news to me! movinq on, second period was crappy as hell! i kept shoutinq out the wronq answers! but fuckinq chris was on a roll today! lol lunch was blahh..didnt do much! durinq lunch, a whole bunch of us found out about that site thats tlkinq about MAST people (lj username- bigjava). went & looked at it durinq lunch & everybody was like OMG! & tryinq to fiqure out who it was! like if they are ever qoinq to quess who it is! omg in 4th period, we had so much fun! =) we had a sub! omg, thank GOD! we had a quiz..then me & andres played MASH the whole time! i hadnt played that qame since i was like in 7th qrade! damn, i feel old..lol! i have a car from the 1920's, i live in a mansion, i am married to russel (out of ALL the fuckinq people!), russel is a lawyer, i have 15 kids (what a nightmare! 15 jewish kids! ROTFLMAO andres!!!!), and i am a bum LMAO! oo & i look like hilary clinton! omg, that was hilarious! then in 6th period, the last people presented & then we did that votinq thinq on-line..BORING! mercedes doesnt hate me!! woo!! lol =) after school was sooo much fun =) i qot to drive chelsea's car!! haha =) jocelin qot FREE fries @ Sir Pizza! lol damn, now ive qot a headache =/

im outies <333

(notice how i dont write about GUYS anymore..i feel that, that is such a HUGE accomplishment! lol)


mah qoodies! [25 Oct 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | silly ]

so today, i went to school thinkinq i was qunna have a qood day! & i did =) so i dont qet to skool late! (what a miracle! lol) chill for like 5 minutes with chelsea, then she walks with me to put down my stuff, then i walk her to class, but then she walked me to class. lol lotsa stuff qoinq on there! in 1st period, she wasnt in there for like the first 20 minutes of class, so we were all jus chillinq! lydi, tellinq me her stories of her fuckinq weekend with the 11 o'clock movie & the bench next to dan marino's lmao! so she finally decides to join us but instead she gives us some questions to work on that are due tomorrow! (i already finished them =P). homeport was interestinq? me & chelsea went to the locker room & saw some old saqqy boobs! lmao..that was DISGUSTING!! so yea, 3rd period was so mother fuckinq BORING..omg, me & chantal were tlkinq the whole time & then we went into the computer room & we did some work haha..yea lots of it too..yea, RIGHT! so CWO decides he wants to be a "creative" teacher & pulls out a wooden beam & two bases to hold the wooden beam. he then choses wednel to do a demonstration. how much $$ would he take if someone asked him to walk across the wooden beam..moral to the story? dont ever take CWO's fuckinq boring class! lunch was kinda fun? i qet there & "the bird" was there haha! dont feed birds! lmao..so me, chelsea & andres decide to sit outside but we qet kicked out bekuz we arent supposed to be sittinq there? yea W/E! so we go back inside & then the bell rings, so we all go on our merry way to class. pre-calculus..the word says it ALL! we took a qroup quiz..how qood is that =) lol then on the way ti 7th period, me & manda realize we have to qo to the little girl's room..so we qo to one, but there is a fuckinq line! DUMB FREHSMAN! so then we qo to the other one, no line =) weee! while wlkinq back to class, me, steph & manda see that kirk is behind us..so me & manda wlk quick but then steph is like "its ok! its ok!" haha so we slow our asses down! damn..so we're in kirk..i did my project =) yay!! kirk even printed it this time! lol..so then karen was tlkinq to me about ****** =) damn, he is HOTT!! (lmao, tamie!!) but it was a cute story! (awww!!! lol) so after school, i did the qood deed of walkinq andres to his bus =) lol & then i qot home..blah blah blah..u kno the rest..then in a little while, im qoinq to the physcologist! o well..i kno im CrAzY!!! lmao

im outies


THE wifebeater! lmao tamie! [24 Oct 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

haha only me & tamie will understand this!! =)


2nd post in ONE day..haha [23 Oct 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

picture a two story house. a girl sitting out on the balcony in the the silent night. a million thoughts running thru her head. tears slowly run down her cheeks. as she looks around the neighborhood, she wonders if she will ever leave this miserable life she is leadinq..
i wonder if he ever thinks about me..?

home..Collapse )


[23 Oct 2004|10:53am]
[ mood | okay ]

i dont wanna say that im completely happy again..bekuz im not & i dont wanna lie but i do feel a little bit better..i just thought alot of things thru last night..i even cried a little bit (hmm..surprise? i dont think so!)..but everythinq that i have to do isnt clear, just yet.

all of you are soo good to me for commenting on that last entry, how could i ever repay u?


some dedicated quotes.. [22 Oct 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i think sometimes you forget where the heart is

if ever you love me you'd say it's okay

does it hurt when you think about me?
and how broken my heart is

it's okay to be angry and never let go
it only gets harder the more that you know
when you get lonely if no one's around
you know that I'll catch you when you're falling down

sometimes I need someone to say, "You'll be all right. What's on your mind?"

and I know you can see right through me
so let me go and you will find someone

omfg...wtf is wrong with me?! i feel like crap for no reason at all! well, there is a reason but i just dont wanna believe that its tru..bekuz it cant be..i cant be in...yea you guys fill in the rest..i hate this..i wish i wasnt here..when is it my turn to qo?


dont kno =( [21 Oct 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | empty inside ]

i really dont kno what this entry is going to be about. its not about my day. i think its more how i feel. i've been feeling really weird lately. not weird like im sick (even tho i AM!), but weird, like im the "third wheel" in every situation or place. i dunno. u kno how when two people are talking and you're standing there and it looks like your in the conversation but your really not? or when you have friends that are going out & all three of you are talking, but when they go to leave, they kiss each other & your just kinda left there? but i mean like you have to watch them kiss bekuz there is nothing else that you can really do. thats been happening alot more lately & maybe im at the wrong place at the wrong time. i feel like im being nosy but is that considered nosy? maybe im just making a big deal out of this but its all so weird to me. i guess ive done that too before & never really realized how it made that third person feel. is that why they are doing it back?

ooh & then the whole OTHER situation. guys fucking suck! they exist to hurt you. its like we are little toys that they like to play with. its all just a tease. uck..im aggravated!

outies </3


is it all what u want it to be? [20 Oct 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

tired like a mofo! skool is killinq my brain! haha yea uhhhhh...today was dumb..took the homecominq pics that i developed yesterday & everyone was like "OMG!" i was like "yea, i looked hott, u dont have to tell me" lmao psshh i was ugly as fuuuucccckkkk...i really didnt like my dress..the only thinq i liked about my outfit was my shoes..but those too were a pain (LITERALLY!)...so cramps can suck my butt..ahh im in pain! i cant put up any pics (homecominq) until luigi qives them back bekuz they r all goinq in the junior ring ceremony slide show biatch! woot woot =)

im outies


weekend.. (there is just no one that gets me like u do) [18 Oct 2004|10:01pm]
cant elaborate much but homecominq was soooo fuckinq awesome..took a bunch of pics, qot tipsay!, went to dennys, passed by corys after party, qot home at 3am =)

*pics hopefully cominq soon!*

does it hurt when you think about me? [13 Oct 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]

im so tired. today was the PSATs. borinq ass hell but at least i qot them over & done with =) so we only had 6th & 7th period today which means that after the PSATs, i was done for the day. 6th period=history & 7th period=kirk. self-explanitory. lol.

i bouqht my homecominq ticket durinq lunch. i didnt have to stand in line bekuz i had the "homecominq ticket line hookup" lol.

one thinq that REALLY bothered me today was the fact that everyone thouqht that i thouqht i looked "qanqster" bekuz i was wearinq a bandana on my head! qet over it! i didnt have anythinq red to wear to represent Cuba, so i wore that. i didnt think i was a "qanqster"! on the contrary, i thouqht nothinq of it bekuz i didnt think that people were qunna criticize me so much on it. phew, i feel better!

pep rally was borinq. as usual, no one was payinq attention to anythinq that was qoinq on lol. yea thats MAST fo ya.

after school, went to piano practice. fuckinq bitch was like "you didnt practice at all!" oo qo fuckinq suck on my left nut ya old hag! damn. that fuckinq lady is such a bitch.

im off to finish some dumb environmental science project due tomorrow. blah

outies <333


[12 Oct 2004|12:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i qot the yellowcard CD!! *freaks out & does a little dance!*
holy crap, thank u soooooooo much KT!!! i love u oreo!! lol

pep rally tomorrow-represent your country people!!
im outies

i feel like a bitch but i had to do it. just to let him kno that im not interested in him anymore even tho i am. i just hope that he isnt pissed. </3


rich, uqly quys! lol [11 Oct 2004|05:56pm]
tamie, i love u! u always make me smile when i cant seem to smile about anythinq!! i cant wait till homecoming =) [even tho "u kno who" isnt qoinq! blah..!]

lilqbanqt006: ehh i kno it sucks but soon we will be able to get over our "crushes" in high school & marry some fuckinq HOTT man with lots of money lmao
DaTamsteR87: no all the hott ones are middle class
DaTamsteR87: all the ugly ones are rich
lilqbanqt006: really?!
lilqbanqt006: lol well then we will marry an ugly, rich man =) lol
DaTamsteR87: cool, im down with that
lilqbanqt006: yea me 2..i need some $$ in my life haha
DaTamsteR87: haha fo real

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